In case you are wondering; soap scum, hair balls, and grease are the leading causes of clogged Desagües. These substances collect over time in the pipes, eventually prohibiting the water to freely flow through. As a result, the water backs up and you can no longer use your sinks, shower, or bathtub without creating a big mess.

You can try to fix the problem yourself, but if you are not very handy with tools, you should not even attempt the job. Instead, call a professional, in the Bronx, Fontanero – that is if you live in New York City. Backed-up Desagües are common and can easily be fixed if you know what you are doing, and have the right tools. Sometimes there is more stuck in the pipes than small soap chips. It would not be the first small toy that a Fontanero pulls out of a desagüe pipe.

Fontanería services are not free and if you want to save a few dollars, you can try and buy liquid desagüe cleaner. Sometimes that will provide a temporary solution, but in many cases the clog will return. desagüe cleaners are very effective to maintain drainage pipes, but they are unable to dissolve heavy built-up and solid object that are stuck in the pipes. These items and other debris can only be removed by an experienced the Bronx Fontanero who has the proper tools. Using the wrong equipment can cause serious damages to your pipes, leading to far greater expenses than a quick visit from a local Fontanero.